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About Villas Karhunpesä

Villa Karhunpesä

Villas Karhunpesä – luxurious cottages are built in 2015 on a peaceful spot in the middle of Saariselkä, international resort area in Finnish Lapland.

Saariselkä is a perfect holiday destination in all seasons of the year.

Bear’s nest cottages (Karhunpesät) are fully equipped and represent high-class nordic design.

The Legend of the place

Mysteries of Saariselkä

It is known that mysterious places, which have unique energy, exist on our planet. While visiting these sites, one transforms and experiences extraordinary elation and a surge of strength, receives a feeling of purification and renewal. These magical places can be found in famed Lapland, in the North of Finland in the region of Inari- Saariselkä, not far from the Arctic Ocean. After visiting the place you will acquire rare spiritual experience, something inexplicable will energise you removing the burden of worries and troubles from your the shoulders.

For centuries Lapland was populated by the Sami people — indigenous inhabitants of the North. The Sami are surrounded by numerous legends. In the Middle Ages the Lappish shamans were attributed incredible abilities and were celebrated as the strongest wizards in Europe. The Sami people have always considered nature to be animated: a stone, a tree, a lake possess a soul, they are a concentration of the forces of nature. Through worshiping sacred sites – Sieidis (spiritual focal points) one could strengthen spiritual connection between the forces of nature and a human, ask spirits of nature for assistance and protection.